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Amazon FBA

Fulfillment by Amazon, short FBA is a method to sell products on Amazon and use shared Amazon capacities, as the Amazon warehouse to store the products. Amazon acts as a partner helping with storage, delivery and customer service. The seller only needs to find an appropriate product and the supplier. After production, the products need to be labeled and packed following the Amazon standards, and finally shipped to the amazon warehouse in the country where the products are supposed to be sold. Once there, Amazon takes over. The products getting stored by Amazon, and also delivered to the customers. Also, all customer service processes are handled by Amazon.

We are the helping partner for all FBA sellers in China. We can help with a whole range of services:

  • Find suppliers
  • Oversee production process
  • Quality management
  • Package and brand products
  • Label products
  • Professional product pictures ( MORE INFO HERE )
  • Shipment, consolidation and customs