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Canton Fair Guidance

Canton Fair: We guide you and increase the efficiency of your visit for you at exhibitions

The Canton Fair is a trade fair held in the spring and autumn seasons each year since the spring of 1957 in Guangzhou, China. The Fair is considered to be the biggest and most important import & export fair in the world. Factories and wholesale traders from all over China are represented here.

The Canton Fair is a great chance for you, if you are looking into importing from China, or setting up your own production line. The fair is a perfect opportunity to get in contact with new suppliers or meet with current business partners. Many business men visit the fair regularly every year.

The main advantage of a physical business fair compared to Alibaba or Globalsources is the possibility to get samples on the spot and also get a good overview of existing suppliers. Meeting your potential supplier will also give you the chance to negotiate prices in person. is as the name suggests located in Guangzhou, China. We are very close to the fair and can therefore make all necessary arrangements for you to get the most out of your trip to Canton Fair.

Also, after the fair we can further assist you by controlling your production, performing quality checks and arranging logistics.

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Before booking your flight, consider that the Canton fair has 3 different phases with different suppliers and themes. In case you are not planning to come for 3 weeks, make sure to choose the phase where the products and manufacturers exhibit, which meet your target segment.

The Canton Fair is worldwide known and also very liked by Chinese manufacturers. Due to the demand of booth and exhibitors, booth prices increased dramatically over the past years. Do not expect to find small niche suppliers, which are offering the cheapest price. Most suppliers which can effort to exhibit on the Canton Fair, are big and will also charge you slightly more.

  1. Make sure to bring a business trolley or other convenient suitcase. Most exhibitors will hand out brochures, catalogues and flyers – when you want to keep them to review later, your backpack will become very quickly very heavy.
  2. Wear sneakers or other comfortable shoes. The CF exhibition areas is huge – you might be walking over 10 km per day on the fair.
  3. Make sure to apply for your fair badge and visa  in time. As “international buyer” you will be able to get in invitation letter for the Chinese visa. Here you will find a complete guide how to register online in advance.
  4. Book a hotel in advance. Hotel rooms are during the time of the Canton Fair more expensive and also often booked out. So make sure to prepare your stay in time. Many hotels provide bus shuttles to the exhibition area. Make sure to double check with your hotel.
  5. Fly directly to Guangzhou. Often as an alternative to flying directly to Guangzhou, Hong Kong is recommended – but since it will take you another 4-6 hours from there to get to Guangzhou depending on the way of transportation and where you have to go, we highly recommend to fly directly to Guangzhou.
  6. Prepare for your visit at the fair by researching potential products you are looking for and also suppliers,w hich might suit your demands. This will save you a lot of time during the exhibition and will allow you to more efficiently use your time.
  7. Take the following:
    • some passport copies
    • a few passport pictures
    • print the address of your hotel in Chinese (when you want to go by taxi to your hotel you can show this address to the driver)

This also really depends on you and your intention in visiting the fair. Most people come for 5 days in order to visit one phase. If you want to connect work and holiday, make sure to prepare a travel schedule for your time in China.

Who should go:

  • if you have been finding Suppliers via Alibaba or other online platforms and want to take the next step
  • if you have current suppliers who you can meet at the fair (it’s easier to meet, discuss and agree with suppliers in person)
  • You should go if you’re a first time business visitor to China (the Canton Fair is very Western friendly)
  • if your focus products are mass-market consumer commodities

Who Shouldn’t Go

  • if you’ve visited China before and your industry has better industry-specific trade fairs
  • if you have a limited amount of time in China and your first priorities are in other provinces and cities such as Beijing, or Shanghai. China is so big, that you will need to take another domestic flight to reach Guangzhou, and the CF is too big to briefly get to know it.