Buying Hospitality Flooring In China For Your Hotel Project

Which flooring should you use for your project or hotel? There are endless options available for hospitality flooring solutions today. Interior designers, architects and project managers can choose between countless flooring products and designs: Ceramic and porcelain tiles, natural hardwoods, carpet and carpet tiles, synthetic materials such as luxury vinyl tiles and new materials designed with sound absorption. Of course, you want to make sure that your commercial flooring is providing a high performance over time, so we created an overview of options in the flooring industry. For all information around tiles and how to source tiles in China, please find a separate article below.

1. Tiles: Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles

Tiles, no matter whether porcelain or ceramic are real allrounders. Tiles can be used as floor and wall finish, and they come in hundreds of colors, pattern and designs. Thus, there will be designs for every space. Tiles also come in different slip resistances, so they can be used at the pool site or in showers. For commercial project it is important though, to understand the difference between full body and glazed tiles.

2. Timber Flooring

Timber flooring gives a warm feeling to every room and looks very natural. No other material can replace a wooden flooring in its visual appeal and rich texture. To create and high-end guest experience, wooden floorings will stay out of competition due to its natural warm look.

Hotel lobby with floor tiles

3. Vinyl Flooring

There are many different PVC and vinyl floorings: safety flooring, vinyl planks and LVT just to mention some. Even SPC flooring is a vinyl flooring. For hotel room refurbishments “floating” vinyl floors can offer another unique advantage that is appreciated by project managers and hotel owners across the hospitality industry:  The vinyl flooring can be installed over existing hard surface floors, including ceramic tile, while even hiding minor subfloor imperfections.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles) are often used in hotels. There are several benefits to using LVT flooring in commercial buildings, especially in terms of durability and long-term costs. By using a thick wear layer Luxury Vinyl Tiles are more resilient and resistant on the long run, and therefore need to be less frequently replacement. Also, the maintenance costs are lower compared to carpet and hardwood alternatives.  

Aesthetically LVT can also match the attributes of other floorings. The vinyl can imitate other hard surfaces, for example, natural wood or stone or ceramic tiles, providing the architects with a wide range of different visual appeals.

Another great news for US customers:  The U.S. Government has temporarily lifted tariffs on luxury vinyl flooring tiles, agreeing with arguments that tariffs would hurt U.S. Consumers more than they’d help domestic manufacturers. (

SPC Flooring

SPC flooring is a rigid core flooring product with superb quality attributes. Advantages of such a vinyl flooring set-up are quick installations, waterproof and antimicrobial surfaces, as well as sound absorption. These attributes make SPC flooring a perfect flooring choice in the hospitality industry.

4. Carpet: Broadloom Carpets & Carpet Tiles

For softer hospitality flooring options, architects can use large broadloom carpets or smaller carpet tiles instead. Broadloom carpets typically include a pad that is glued to both the floor below and the carpet above. Usually, installation costs are a bit lower with carpet tiles because there is no pad required. Also, carpet rolls can be as wide as 4 m/ 13 ft, while tiles often come in small squares, minimizing leftover material.  Furthermore, carpet tiles can be easily removed and replaced as they wear down.


What is the best hospitality flooring solution for your specific hospitality environment? The large selection of materials and finishes can be overwhelming. In the end the final choice of hospitality flooring will depend on your own design expectations and your hospitality brand, as well as the overall theme of the rooms/ restaurants/ public spaces and your budget. There is no general recommendation that could be made. But we are happy to discuss with you in detail some suitable options of commercial flooring for your hospitality space.

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