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Procurement and sourcing in China has a great potential for efficient procurement. China has become the leading sourcing country due to its quality improvements and supplier reliability. Thus, China is now an important sourcing country for many companies in order to reduce procurement costs.

Being experts in our field, we can provide our knowledge and professional advice to help you start buying from China and know what to expect.

The Role of Procurement

The role of Procurement in the enterprise has evolved due to globalization. Today, CPOs and procurement leaders are expected to work closely with strategic business partners and trusted advisors. They are expected to mitigate risks, create competitive advantage, and drive enterprise growth.

Procurement in China

China still remains the most important low-cost country for sourcing goods. Many other Asian countries cannot compete on infrastructure, manufacturing networks and scale, integrated, and skills. Therefore a tight link to China is for every procurement department important in order to purchase goods directly in the country of origin.

We Help

We can share our experience and expertise on the field of international procurement and especially procurement in China with you and and your team. Our expertise and independence can enable you to develop a clear, informed strategy to guide decision making and avoid costly mistakes and lost opportunities. We consult you on how to manage complex projects and transitional issues, as well as how to identify actual cost structures in China.

Internal Improvement

Reach the next level with your international procurement and learn how to evaluate supplier option objectively. Establish an effective procedure to manage outsourcing and suppliers, and reduce costs, while improving competitiveness. We enable you to develop internal expertise and experience from an effective transfer of knowledge and skills.

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