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What do you do?

We offer sourcing and procurement service from China. These are the main services that we provide:

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How do I know what I will receive after I have paid for the products in full before I receive them?

We will stay in close contact with you and send you regular production reports during the manufacturing process and especially on packing and loading. If you still have doubts you are welcome to send someone to China at any time during the manufacturing process or to witness container loading.

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What Currencies do you take?

We accept payments in USD, EUR, HKD, and RMB.

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What are your payment terms?

Payment terms in China are usually 30% in advance and 70% at container loading. Nevertheless, we are also able to work with L/C or even O/A involving an export insurer.

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We would like to sign a contract with an European Company. Is this possible?

Yes, we are an international working procurement groups with multiple companies, with which we can sign contracts.

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How long is the usual manufacturing period?

This really depends on the quantity and product. But mostly you have to calculate at least one month when the products are not bought from the shelf.

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Is bad quality a big issue in China?

Yes, this is still is. There are bad quality products in China the same as anywhere else in the world. However, there are also excellent quality products in China. We at ONLY deal with manufacturers producing the best quality products and have proven this.

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Since when are you operating?

Our China office was established in 2007. In 2017 we rebranded and restructured our procurement group and established as an “stand alone” International Procurement Office in China.

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Who are your clients?

We have worked for a multitude of hotel and restaurant owners and brands. Besides this, we have sourced and worked for these companies:

and many more…

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Which hotel projects did you do?

We did many hotel projects over the past years. Our most recent projects are:

  • The Halyard in Cape town
  • Oceans in Umhlanga/ Durban
  • Fort Young Hotel in Dominica
  • Oceans Beach Resort in Barbados

and more…

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What is the usual MOQ in China?

That depends on the products.
For furniture we can do just 1 piece if required.

What is the lead time to order building material from China?

For most products, the expected production lead time is around 30 to 45 days. Lead time is the duration between the order placement and completion of shipment to the customer. It is the time taken from when the order is placed to the actual delivery of the product to the customer.

What is the Minimum Order Quantity?

Minimum order quantity depends on the buyer’s requirements and the category of product being ordered. However, you should remember that the lesser the quantity, the less flexible are the product attributes. When the order quantity is less, it can be difficult to customize color tones or other variations. On the other hand, when you order a higher quantity, you get to customize everything.

How to choose quality products?

To help you source only quality building products, we review accreditations and certifications of manufacturers to get the first quality impressions. We also do quality inspections post-production. Apart from this, we have an enormous database of suppliers who provide quality products.

Can we buy quality products?

Yes. At GuangzhouSourcing, we can also help you source raw materials from China. However, buyers need to consider that sourcing raw materials can only be cost-effective when the order quantity is in bulk. Hence, it is important for you to compare raw material prices with local distributors before placing an order.

How can I evaluate product safety?

We usually involve a third-party testing lab to test product safety tests such as impact resistance, flammability, fire retardant, etc. this third-party testing lab can be either TUV or SGS, which will provide a final product safety report. This safety compliance report can be shown to local authorities, building inspectors, etc., for safety procedures

FAQ: Shipping
Do you consolidate goods from different suppliers?

Yes, we can consolidate goods from different suppliers to reduce shipping costs.

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What happens if there is damage at sea or the ship sinks?

You do not need to worry about accidents or damage to your goods during shipping. Firstly, we will always make sure that the cargo is well loaded, and secondly, all goods will be fully insured during transit.

Do you organize shipping?

Yes, we can also organize shipping and all related things, such as customs clearance. We can agree on delivery terms based on your needs: FOB, CIF, or DDP.

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How long does it take to ship to Europe?

The pure shipping time for a container or LCL load on a vessel to Europe is about 25 to 30 days. Nevertheless, you should add a few days for customs clearance and loading.

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FAQ: FF&E and OS&E Procurement
How do I start FF&E or OS&E Procurement?

We begin with a kickoff meeting which can also be done via a phone call, where we identify needs as well as review schedule and budget. When you already have a worked out BOQ, we can start from there to review your demand and find suitable products. We review quantities and specifications in order to see whether everything is correct.

We are able to just take your orders from our catalogues or based on our quotes, but we are also able to consult you during the process of finalizing FF&E and OS&E packages. This includes recommendations on security-relevant criteria such as fire retardation and certifications, as well as choices and alternatives to increase savings. We see ourselves as expert consultants, price negotiators, and project managers for OS&E and FF&E.

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What is included in an OS&E Package?

This depends strongly on the demand, specifications, and budget of our clients. In general OS&E packages can include a range of different items for administrative offices, the guest rooms (mattresses, linens, bathroom amenities), as well as outdoor items (for example pool equipment). It also includes cookware, crockery, flatware, glassware and other equipment for restaurants, room service or conference and banquet facilities.

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What is OS&E, and what is FF&E?

OS&E is operating supplies and equipment. These are items such as hairdryer, iron, hangers, towels, dishes, and glassware. FF&E on the other hand stands for furniture fixtures and equipment. It includes things such as lighting, carpet, and artwork, but also furniture and fixtures, for example, build in closets.

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For which projects did you procure OS&E / FF&E?

We did many hotel projects over the past years. Our most recent projects are:

  • The Halyard in Capetown
  • Oceans in Umhlanga/ Durban
  • Fort Young Hotel in Dominica
  • Oceans Beach Resort in Barbedos

and more…

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