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FF&E Procurement in China: Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment

Everything you need for your hospitality business sourced in China: We help you with the procurement of FF&E directly from the manufacturer in China
FF&E: chairs, tables, lights and more in an industrial room

What is FF&E? And how we help you with FF&E procurement in China

“FF&E are movable furniture, fixtures, or other equipment that have no permanent connection to the structure of a building or utilities.” It is basically everything that is is added into a room or area to make it usable, livable and comfortable.

Examples of FF&E are: Desks, chairs, computers, electronic equipment – such as fridges and microwaves – furthermore tables, bookcases, partitions, light fittings, drapery and more.

We help to procure FF&E packages in China, by purchasing all FF&E directly with the manufacturer instead of a local retailer. With this strategic set up, we help our clients to save up to 60% compared to local cost.

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Our Work: FF&E Procurement at its Best

We at GuangzhouSourcing work closely with an extensive network of industry leading  FF&E suppliers in all of China. By using proven procurement practices and processes, we are able to consistently deliver high quality FF&E products – for compatible prices without compromises on quality. We help our clients to procure furniture from China without having worries about quality issues or other problems. Our clients in the hospitality industry appreciate our work as much as developers and private businesses which are sourcing furniture in China.

A board showing the way to Hotel and Restaurant

What we can realize & how we can help to source FF&E packages in China

You want to know how you can procure the FF&E, that suits your demand? With our long experience of sourcing furniture and other FF&E in China, we are able to set up production based on drawings, or even just reference pictures. We are also happy to work based on your BOQ or tender information. Just send us your requirements, and we will make sure to help you finding the right supplier which can match your expectations.

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Our Goal and Mission

Our goal at GuangzhouSourcing is to protect our client’s FF&E and OS&E investments, while providing best pricing, terms, customer service, and the timely delivery of your project. We accomplish this goal through the close work with our clients, and a wide network of manufacturer and supplier in China. With our industry experience we know what is important in the procurement process, where and when to pay attention.

Our team consists of experienced procurement agents who are fully integrated and engaged in the process. Many members of our team have made experiences in the hospitality industry or are former professionals of the industry.

FF&E we procure for our clients in China

  • Furniture and furniture systems
  • Fixtures and interior fittings, such as build in closets, bed base and headboard, TV cabinets, etc.
  • Light fittings and lamps
  • Partitions
  • Drapery and curtains
  • Rugs and carpets
  • Electrical appliances, such as fridges, micro waves, washing machines, etc.
  • Decorations and art work
  • Mirrors
  • Counter tops, for vanity or kitchen units, or for public areas
  • Displays, signs, totems and signage
  • Wall Screens, TVs and information stands and boards

Internet of Things in the Hospitality Industry

A robot with a tablet symbolizing the change to automation and possibilities with IoT

Operating in China and being located here, gives us the advantages to stay in close contact with the manufacturers, check quality and solve quickly problems face to face. But it also enables us to bring together manufacturers and suppliers of different disciplines and embed technology into standard FF&E. Today’s possibilities with the Internet of Things (IoT) are almost unlimited and they will also become a game changer for the hospitality sector.

We can help you to upgrade your hospitality business with the IoT: digital keys, mobile way finding, centralized control for lights, TV, AC and more.

Here 10 ways, how technology will reshape the hotel industry.