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Full Sourcing Solution

Full Sourcing Solution

At GuangzhouSourcing we are able to perfectly understand your requirements and to implement these in our sourcing process. We offer a full sourcing solution from supplier selection up to setting up the shipment. But we are also willing to help your operation at a single required point in your supply chain.

Our sourcing process normally includes the following points but can also be adjusted to you needs.

Supplier Research

Here we make sure to identify the perfect supplier for you. This mostly depends on your order quantity, certification needs and quality requirements. Furthermore, we make sure that we verify the chosen supplier, if it is not one of our established suppliers. Thus, we avoid any potential scam or risk.

Price negotiation

Prices in China are not always the same. Often the prices of a supplier are also subject to your relationship. Thus, we make sure we set up the right business environment, and lead negotiations with a deep understanding of the Chinese culture.

Order Processing

The next step for us is to place the order and make sure your requirements are fulfilled. We monitor the production, control if needed also the quality, and clarify every question for you. We personally follow up with you, and also do further quality inspections if you want to make sure.


After your goods has been finished we can also handle the logistics for you. Wherever in the world you are, we have a broad network of trusted shipping forwarder which ensure the save arrival of your products

All services: Supplier Sourcing, Due-Diligence, Negociations, Inspections, Compliance, Legal, Logistics, Payments and more