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Furniture Procurement in China

You want to know where to buy furniture in China, or how to source high quality furniture for your project? Here you find more about how we can help you to procure furniture in China.

Our Work

We at GuangzhouSourcing work closely with an extensive network of industry leading furniture suppliers in South China. By using proven procurement practices and processes, we are able to consistently deliver high quality products – for compatible prices without compromises on quality. We help our clients to procure furniture from China without having worries about quality issues or other problems. Our clients in the hospitality industry appreciate our work as much as developers and private businesses which are sourcing furniture in China.

Finished production of dining chairs
Example of tables specs: BOQ

Sourcing Furniture in China

You want to know how you can procure furniture, that suit your demand? With our long experience of sourcing furniture in China, we are able to set up production based on drawings, or even just reference pictures. We are also happy to work based on your BOQ or tender information. Just send us your requirements, and we will make sure to help you finding the right supplier which can match your expectations.


Some questions answered

Foshan is the city which is most famous for its furniture industry all over the China. The district Shunde is known all over China for its industrial strength – it counts to the richest areas all over China. While big companies have here their Headquarter, it is also a focus area for furniture manufacturing. It is about 40 km south east of Guangzhou, and it is home to furniture manufactures, wholesalers and retailers.

Shunde is also known as “Furniture City.” It is well connected with Hong Kong and Guangzhou by a network of trains, ferries, subway and buses. It can be reached by taxi from Guangzhou in one hour.

The whole area of Foshan is home to over 1900 furniture manufacturers and 4,100 Chinese and international furniture dealers, who display their products in over 200 modern shopping malls with thousands of showrooms, covering an area over 3.0 million square meters.

The way of procurement depends strongly on your demands and quantities: While it might make sense to buy directly from one of the furniture dealers at Foshans markets, it can be far cheaper to set up your own production line with an manufacturer – when the quantity is high enough.

Also the usage of furniture will determine where and how you should buy: Furniture for restaurants and hotels mostly require fire retardants and other specifications.

China International Furniture Fair (CIFF)

This is China’s biggest fair purely focused on furniture. It is held every year in March and September.

Guangzhou Canton Fair (CF): Every April and October (Phase Ⅱ) 

The Canton Fair is another occasion where you will be able to meet a multitude of furniture manufacturer. It is important to note that most furniture manufacturers in China are specialized in one furniture category, such a wooden furniture, office furniture, or hotel furniture.

We have an internal portfolio of the best manufacturers in each area.


If you want to know more about, how to source furniture in China, or where to buy furniture in China, get in touch with us. Or learn more about our full sourcing service HERE.