Hotel Art Work from China

Art work for your hotel can be a significant cost driver. We help our client to purchase art work for their projects in China, and to achieve great cost savings. Art work for hotel projects are paintings, sculptures and installations that help to create a comfortable space with specific accents.


To order paintings in China can work in multiple ways. Some clients prefer to get their art work from a local artist. After the actual art work was finished, we print the painting on a canvas. You can choose the type of frame, thickness and more. The result is a high quality painting, for the fraction of the price. Otherwise there is also a great variaty of paintings from Chinese painters – you can choose the theme and more. In this way you don’t get prints, but real paintings.

A printed canvas before being framed


There are many show rooms for other art work and sculptures in China. These sculptures are all unique and hand made. But they are much less expensive than sculptures from an artist in Europe or the US. We take a tour with our clients in order to find suitable art work and sculptures. If you are not able to come to China, we can also look for suitable art on your behalf and you make the final choice.

An art show room in China

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