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Interior Glass Front Systems

We are official international sales partner of HERIS: China’s biggest supplier for Interior Glass Front Systems. With the focus on Glass Front Systems for the interior structure HERIS provides a modern solution for partitions: transparent, brights and flexible. Therefore the partitions are a good solution of Offices, Malls, Industrial Facilities as well as Residential Areas.

With long industry experience and a big production facility near Guangzhou (South China), HERIS counts to the leading suppliers in its field. Beside the production facilities, the manufacturer is maintaining its own Design Office. For most part to offer best planning for customers, while using only best material and production processes to keep up with international competition.

HERIS offers a wide variety of architectural wall and glass systems. These systems combine optimum functionality with modern design. Furthermore, also a choices of movable wall solutions is offered: From simple space division to creating high-performance working environments.

As a partner of HERIS we lead the internationalization of the company and stand in direct contact with you. With our Chinese European team we make sure that your and your architects demands are fully achieved without compromises on quality.

Interior Glass Front Solutions
Multiple Applications

The manufacturing base for commercial partition walls and interior glass front systems: Located in Huadu District of Guangzhou and which 16 years of experience, the factory is now the market leader in China and a global acting company, supplying the whole of Asia, but also Europe, North America, the Middle East and Africa. With an output of over 20 thousand square meter of partition walls, it is China’s biggest factory in this field.

Heris is up to the best international standard with:

  • ISO 9001 – international quality management system
  • ISO 14001 – environmental management system
  • CE and other regional certifications

Product series:

  • Invisible frame wall series
  • Standard partition wall series
  • Finished system door series
  • Hardware and accessories

You can also find more information on Heris’ official website or you send us an email with your questions or inquires to