Ordering custom-made rugs in China

In this article we would like to give an overview of how to order rugs in China and what you should know before you want to order rugs. In our experience many rugs that are being traded worldwide are made in China. But there are differences in the production method and also in materials. Keep reading if you want to find out more about this.


First there are many materials rugs can can be made of. Materials also strongly influence the price. The main materials we are dealing with ordering rugs are as polyester, acrylic, wool and also wool, nylon combinations.

Synthetic rugs

Polyester rugs are extremely popular at the moment, because they are affordable and super easy to maintain. Especially family homes and hotels can profit from the stain resistance of these rugs. Acrylic is just slightly higher priced than polyester, and has very similar attributes. Since both materials aren’t natural, the price is quite low, and the maintenance is very easy. Also, these synthetic rugs can be used outdoors. If you want striking colours, we recommend acrylic, as it dyes better. But otherwise the 2 materials can’t be differentiated at the first glance. Another synthetic rug material that is even cheaper is PP. But we don’t work with PP rugs, as they can have issued with sun-fade, flame resistance and static.

Natural Rugs

There is plenty of natural materials to make rugs of. But the most common material is still wool or a wool-nylon combination. Wool is still mostly the bench mark material for rugs and it offers a lot of great benefits, such as comfortable feeling to it. It is fire retardant, has a great elasticity and it has a natural resistance to dirt, wear and tear. On the other hand wool is very expensive compared with synthetic materials. Also, if you want to achieve very bright colours, you might again want to choose acrylic as it just keeps the colours better.

An acrylic rug sample after production

If you want to read more about rug materials, we recommend the website LoveRugs.com

Production methods

In general, it is quite easy to divide rug manufacturing into 2 groups. On the one side there are machine made rugs and on the other side there are hand-made rugs. We mostly order hand-made rugs. These are then hand tufted by workers and have an amazing look. Machine made rugs can also look nice. In this case we often speak about printed rugs. Printed rugs especially make sense if you would want to get a motive that is rather complex and with many colour shades. Let’s imagine you would want a very complex and colourful motive on your rugs. In this case hand tufted rugs will be expensive, even when using polyester or acrylic, because it is a hard and long job to do these motives by hand. In this case a printed rug would just make more sense. Also, you can then implement motives like images and pictures.

Pile weight or pile height

Another factor that defines the price of rugs is the thickness of the pile. As thicker the rug pile, the heavier the rug and the more expensive it is. Surely, to thin rugs appear cheaper and aren’t as comfortable. Nevertheless, this choice is really just a matter of aesthetics. We usually recommend a pile weight of about 4 to 5 LB, which is 8 to 10 mm in height.

Other Specs

Additionally, to the details above, you also want to make sure, that you got a cotton backing and a nice seem edge for your rug. It gives your rug a thicker appearance and the rug will last longer. Especially with edges that are not straight you will need a nice seem edge, that isn’t visible.

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