Ordering Vanity Units in China

Ordering vanity units

In a previous article, we already discussed the topic of sourcing sanitary ware in China. But you can also go ahead and directly order the full vanity unit, including sanitary ware in China. In this article we show on one example how we help our clients to order vanity units in China. From design development until manufacturing.

Computer-aided design CAD and shop drawing

In the first step, we started again to develop the vanity unit with SolidWorks. In this example it was a freestanding hotel vanity unit. Therefore it is a bit more of a complex vanity unit, as the plumbing needs to go through the unit, and there is 2 backboards with mirror. In our case, we had a tender drawing from the architects on hand, that made it easier for us to implement the idea in a shop drawing. Once the shop drawing was done an approved, we also specified finishes and the accessories of the vanity unit, such as faucets and basin.


No matter if it is a freestanding or wall-mounted vanity unit, one thing should be always well considered: Plumbing. You want to make sure that the bottle trap and basin are matching perfectly into the vanity unit. In this case, we had to make sure that the back panel of the vanity units is removeable, so that the plumbers could install all tubs and connections easily. It was also important from a maintenance point of view. If there is an issue with the water hose, or bottle trap, you donĀ“t want to destroy the whole unit to get this fixed.

A beautiful look

And here a glance at the final look of the freestanding vanity unit. Contact us if you are also interested in sourcing your case goods, furniture, or vanity units in China.

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