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OS&E and FF&E Procurement Management

We manage your OS&E and FF&E procurement from the beginning to delivery at project site

GuangzhouSourcing offer a comprehensive procurement solution for OS&E and FF&E in China. We work based on your BOQ, and take care of everything from samples and shop drawing approval to quality inspections and shipping.


Review and complete project specifications developed by the Interior Designer/ Architects. And outline FF&E and OS&E Brand Standards.


Develop complete Bill of Quantities (BOQ) for FF&E and OS&E elements. And estimate budget for the FF&E and OS&E packages, based on requirements.


Develop schedule for acquisition and manufacturing, as well as logistics, storage and installation of the FF&E and OS&E packages.


Shortlist, pre-qualify, and choose most suitable manufacturers for this market segment, respectively the regarding FF&E/ OS&E package. And manage the process of establishing all Purchase Orders and Contracts.

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Manage the manufacturing process: Preparation and approval of shop drawings and approval of samples, follow up of the manufacturing schedule, and inspect quality of the goods, as well as container loading.

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Developing and executing shipping schedules: Including booking of shipments, customs clearance, storage and final delivery of all goods at project site. We manage all shipments all the way. From EXW handout to delivery in project site.

Additional Services we offer to our comprehensive OS&E and FF&E procurement service in China:

  • Create and manage a cost management system for the FF&E and OS&E packages, including the development of a monthly report to the Client
  • Manage the final acceptance process for the FF&E and OS&E packages for the project
  • Wrap up the cost; gather warranties, fire certificates, cleaning instructions, etc., of all elements installed

Here you find more about FF&E and OS&E Procurement in China:

Why choosing us

Most OS&E and also FF&E nowadays is manufactured in China. Being in China and knowing about culture and language gives us great advantages. We are able to work close with the manufacturers and offer you direct procurement of all kind of OS&E and FF&E.


Achieve Savings

By purchasing directly with the manufacturer and then shipping to your project site, we save markups and margins added by trading companies, retailers and other middleman. Just by connecting project and manufacturers in China, we help our clients to save up to 60% compared to local cost.

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With our team in China we combine expertise in 2 fields: Procurement and hospitality. With all of our team members having background in either one of the fields, we combine knowledge in these fields and go the extra mile for you. We know the ins and outs of procurement and sourcing in China, but we are also able to work with tender drawings and other technical information.



We work constantly with architects, interior designers, project management and quantity surveyors in order to ensure that OS&E and FF&E matches expectations. With our industry experience we are able to join your project as externalized international procurement department, or just being responsible for FF&E and OS&E procurement in China.

Internet of Things in the Hospitality Industry

A robot with a tablet symbolizing the change to automation and possibilities with IoT

Operating in China and being located here, gives us the advantages to stay in close contact with the manufacturers, check quality and solve quickly problems face to face. But it also enables us to bring together manufacturers and suppliers of different disciplines. Therefore we can embed technology into standard FF&E. Today’s possibilities with the Internet of Things (IoT) are almost unlimited and they will also become a game changer for the hospitality sector.

We can help you to upgrade your hospitality business with the IoT: digital keys, mobile way finding, centralized control for lights, TV, AC and more.

Here 10 ways, how technology will reshape the hotel industry.

Frequently Asked questions about OS&E and FF&E Procurement
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Category: FF&E and OS&E

We begin with a kickoff meeting which can also be done via a phone call, where we identify needs as well as review schedule and budget. When you already have a worked out BOQ, we can start from there to review your demand and find suitable products. We review quantities and specifications in order to see whether everything is correct.

We are able to just take your orders from our catalogues or based on our quotes, but we are also able to consult you during the process of finalizing FF&E and OS&E packages. This includes recommendations on security relevant criteria such as fire retardation and certifications, as well as choices and alternatives to increase savings. We see ourselves as expert consultants, price negotiators and project managers for OS&E and FF&E.

Category: FF&E and OS&E

This depends strongly on the demand, specifications and budget of our clients. In general OS&E packages can include a range of different items for administrative offices, the guest rooms (mattresses, linens, bathroom amenities), as well as outdoor items (for example pool equipment). It also includes, cookware, crockery, flatware, glassware and other equipment for restaurants, room service or conference and banquet facilities.

Category: FF&E and OS&E

OS&E is operating supplies and equipment. These are items such as hairdryer, iron, hangers, towels, dishes and glassware. FF&E on the other hand stands for furniture fixtures and equipment. It includes things such as lighting, carpet and artwork, but also furniture and fixtures, for example build in closets.

Category: FF&E and OS&E

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