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Building Materials for Construction Projects

We source for our partners and clients building and construction material in China. Of course not all kinds of building and construction materials should be procured in China – it is often more cost-efficient to purchase raw materials for example from local distributors. But other parts of the construction can be bought directly in China, generating a great cost saving. Working on construction projects we have sourced a wide variety of building materials, from wall and floor finishes, to glass front systems, doors and windows and gypsum panels.

Wall and Floor Finishes

– LVT, SPC and PVC Flooring (read more)

– Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles (read more)

– Carpets, and Carpet Tiles

– Timber Flooring & Wall Paneling

– Skirting, Trims and Crown Molding

– Aluminum Composite Panels (ACP)

– Custom Wall Decor

Doors and Windows

– Interior doors, sliding doors, fire rated doors, balcony doors

– Windows

– Ironmongeries and accessories for doors and windows

Structural Building Material

– ACP, Plastic Panels

– Partition Walls

– Gypsum Panels

– Stainless Steel Handrails, Balustrades and Stairway rails (read more)


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