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Quality management

Quality Inspection, Quality Control and other Quality Management Measures

Quality management

GuangzhouSourcing was initially founded with the idea of offering high end, and reliable quality management in China. The quality of products is always crucial, and also very difficult to check or approve, when not physically being at the factory location. Many companies nowadays source and procure in China, but do not have the resources to oversee the production or do quality inspections/ quality control at the manufacturing site. We help to check the quality of your products in China.

We subdivide quality management into 2 areas: Quality assurance and quality control. While in some cases intensive quality assurance and quality control activities are necessary, it is sometimes also enough to simply check the goods before loading the container (container load check).

Quality assurance (QA)

Quality assurance means to establish a system providing confidence that the required quality standards will be fulfilled. The main intention for quality assurance is to create a higher level of certainty to management and also to customers.

Range of QA services

This is a tailor-made program developed by us in order to assess the factory’s quality systems, safety environment and required capabilities in accordance with international standards or individual standards set by you. It ensures that your supplier is able to process your specific order according to your requirements.

This is also a tailor-made service, which covers the installation of a quality management program according to your needs. This can involve trainings at the factory facility, integration into your ERP system and general reporting systems of the supplier to you.

Quality Control (QC)

QC on the other hand is the defined check on quality requirements set by our customer. Therefore, it refers to the inspection of goods, while or after being produced. We offer the following QC services:

This inspection is very similar to a factory audit, but not as deep and detailed. For the pre-production inspection we will visit the factories facilities and evaluate its abilities to produce the product you want to order.

This is an inspection of the first article produced for your mass production or even a sample. Due to this inspection we can review the product, and spot in an early stage if problems occur, or the quality is not up to your standard. This gives you the chance to make necessary changes before the actual mass production has started.

This is the most common service required by our clients. For the pre-shipment inspection we will check on an agreed sample size all necessary details, to ensure the finished products meet your requirements.

During the container loading check we will make sure that everything is properly stored in the container, to ensure a safe arrival of your goods. Especially when your products are fragile, or the container is not completely filled, it is important to guarantee a professional loading.

We are serving as your full Quality Manager in China. We enact stringent in-house QC, respectively QA procedures with our own suppliers, as well as your supply companies anywhere in China.