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Procurement and sourcing in China has a great potential for efficient procurement. China has become the leading sourcing country due to its quality improvements and supplier reliability. Thus, China is now an important sourcing country for many companies in order to reduce procurement costs.

Being experts in our field, we can provide our knowledge and professional advice to help you start buying from China and know what to expect.

China Business Guidance

When doing business in China there are many things to consider and even more things to do wrong. We help you to prepare for your trip, to overcome the language barriers and guide you on your trip in order to find relevant local markets and suppliers. We provide guidance in China on exhibitions and fairs, to local markets, or just to your manufacturer.

Market Guidance
We know hundreds markets all over China for all kind of products – furniture markets in Foshan, OS&E markets in Guangzhou, Electronic markets in Shenzhen or markets for lights and lamps in Zhongshan. We can support you to find the right markets and buy locally everything needed.
Canton Fair Guidance
The Canton Fair is a trade fair held in the spring and autumn seasons each year since the spring of 1957 in Guangzhou, China. The Fair is considered to be the biggest and most important import & export fair in the world. Factories and wholesale traders from all over China are represented here.
Factory Guidance
We can support you with choosing the right factory, or verify your factory choice here in China. We can perform factory audits, review the standing of your factory, or just accompany you when visiting your contract factory the first time.
Exhibition Guidance and Representation
While operating in China, it is also for us unavoidable to visit fairs in order to extend our network and meet current suppliers and also clients. We can also visit exhibitions in representation for you, or support your booth when exhibiting in China. We guiding and represent you on exhibitions and support your team/ booth on an exhibition in China.
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