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Procurement Solutions for Hotels and Restaurants

We manage the procurement of your hospitality business: Outsource the purchase process of your HOE and OS&E.

GuangzhouSourcing offers a comprehensive procurement solution for the hospitality industry. We simplify the procurement process for you and reduce the complexity of your supply chain, while achieving significant cost savings – without compromises on quality. The role of procurement in hospitality is key. But even industry professionals often confuse procurement with purchasing. The purchasing process is “just” ordering the goods once a vendor has been put in place. Procurement on the other hand are tasks such as supplier search, contract and payment term negotiations, and order follow up. This can make the difference between a top tier establishment and one that does not quite come up to par. Thus, procurement and purchasing managers are connected to the success of the business at nearly every level in the hospitality industry.

When considering buying OS&E in China, this can be a real headache – especially for small and mid-size hotel operators. For a whole OS&E package you need to coordinate different suppliers, inspect quality and make sure the cost savings you achieve don’t exceed time and effort you spent on your procurement tasks. We support you as procurement coordinator, taking care of all steps in the process, while considering your core values, such as brand standards, design and corporate responsibility.

As procurement specialists we build strategic partnerships with our clients giving access to our procurement program and supplier relationships. Our procurement services are at anytime organized and updated so that you keep full control over your global sourcing projects. We are not just offering hospitality procurement services – instead we offer an improved efficiency and long terms value, that let you focus on your hotel management. Our supply chain expertise and quality assurance systems give you full certainty to receive quality products.

What is OS&E and how to differentiate it from HOE?
OS&E stands for operating supplies and equipment and it refers to all the small equipment in a hotel or commercial/ residential building which typically does not require any installation and is manufactured off site. This includes tableware, bed linen, guest room supplies, uniforms, housekeeping equipment and engineering tools, all loose kitchen and laundry equipment, and much more. In the hospitality industry OS&E is often also used interchangeably with Hotel Operating Equipment HOE.
What is OS&E in a Hotel or Restaurant?
Typical OS&E in a hotel or restaurant are: Crockery and china ware, glassware, cutlery and silverware, bed linen, towels, uniforms, housekeeping equipment, guest room and bathroom amenities. Also engineering tools, all loose kitchen and laundry equipment, bedding and mattresses, and much more.
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