Sourcing Wooden Bathtubs and Buckets in China

For a hotel project we were requested to manufacture a Wooden bathtub. These are great accents in any bathroom – no matter whether it’s a villa, hotel room or in your holiday home. Wooden bathtubs are classy, long-lasting and unique. But unfortunately, also really pricy. So there is no better way than sourcing your wooden bathtubs directly in China. Here you can find the lowest prices for wooden bathtubs, and we help to ship them worldwide!

What you should know

Wooden bathtubs are a real highlight in every bathroom. I’m sure you agree with us – why else should you look at this page … But are wooden bathtubs permanently waterproof?
And what about hygiene and care?
These are the typical concerns of many customers who contact us.

So very briefly in advance: The wooden bathtubs we source are and will remain watertight.
Regardless of whether you bathe every day or only at Easter and Christmas.
The hygienic properties of the surface of our wooden bathtubs are comparable to those of ceramic tiles (according to a study by the University of Graz).
You can use normal tub sprays for cleaning

Water tight?

We are deliberately writing here about “our” wooden bathtubs. Because all of this applies to the wooden bathtubs manufactured by us, but not in general to all wooden bathtubs that you can find in this way.

There are far more expensive wooden tubs that don’t have steel straps that can be retensioned, where the surface isn’t carefully sanded and hygienically sealed after assembly, and where the floor (in our opinion) is grooved in a completely unprofessional manner.

And unfortunately there are also cheap wooden bathtubs, the shortcomings of which we do not want to list all of here for reasons of space (insufficiently dried wood, unsuitable types of wood, poor wood quality, paintwork unsuitable for underwater applications, no retensionable tires …).

Custom made products

Do you have an individual request or need a special solution?
As a traditional craft business, we manufacture your desired product according to your ideas.
Get in touch with us, we’re happy to help:

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