Sourcing your Sanitary Ware in China

A sanitary ware show room in China
Sanitary ware show room in China

In this blog post we want to look into the question, how to source sanitary ware in China and what you can expect. Sanitary ware is an essential part of every project, no matter if commercial building project, hotel/ restaurant project, or residential project. Thus, we want to show how you can create great cost savings by directly buying your sanitary ware in China. For more information, you can also check out our product page about sanitary ware.

Almost all big brands – like KOHLER – manufacture their sanitary ware nowadays in China. The quality standards for sanitary ware in China have improved dramatically over the past years and even local designs are now competing with international brand standards. Chinas manufacturing hub for sanitary ware is foremost Foshan, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and Chaozhou, where many manufacturers are located, producing high-end basins, bathtubs, toilets and more.

Online Sourcing

Since international trade has become a more accessible with and other trade platform, more private labels have been established in the field of sanitary ware and similar product categories. But not all of them also deliver the quality they often promise. Some Chinese sanitary ware suppliers still try to save cost and therefore compromise on quality and cut corners, so that you might end up with unexpected quality problems. But on the other hand, the fact that all big Western brands for example manufacture their sanitary ware in China, shows that there are super high-end quality products coming from China. We help you to cut out all risk and get the best sanitary ware in class.


Modern design for affordable prices

While the big brands still often lead new trends in product design, Chinese sanitary ware manufacturers have caught up with their design deficits. There are many similar and very modern options available, without paying the premium for having the branded product. Historical charts also show that the market share of smaller brands/ sanitary ware companies and private labels is constantly growing, which is mainly caused by the tremendous product developments of Chinese manufacturers.

While some sanitary ware products are unchanged and seemingly also will stay as they are in functionality and working design, some other products have changed dramatically over the past years. The best example for this are smart toilets – water closets that can clean themselves, offer seat heating, and many other automations. China being the number one manufacturing hub for sanitary ware is of course highly profiting from this change. Thus, there are countless options on the market that compete technology wise with the heavy weights in the industry.

Working with us

Most sanitary ware we source in China is dedicated for construction projects. We work in close collaboration with the project designers and architects to find the perfect sanitary ware. In the first step we often receive a BOQ, or procurement schedule with suggested models (often of big brands), which we then try to match with similar options from our supplier network. After that we will issue specifications sheets and drawings for approval. If needed we also build mock-up bathrooms, so you can see how all the sanitary ware will “play together”.

Further, we maintain catalogues for sanitary ware. This means interiors designers can also directly choose from our product lines.

With our wide network of suppliers and manufacturers, we have established relationships that grand us better prices. Also, these suppliers are tested and approved by us, so that we can stand with our name for the product quality that is promised. Furthermore, we have a stringent quality management systems with our suppliers, that helps us control and solve quality issues as soon as they appear. Even though our suppliers are established and approved, we will still always do a quality control on all delivers to ensure the quality levels are ideal. Besides these reasons, we are also able to search for unique sanitary ware on local markets, which is essential when order quantities are rather small. Or we set up a custom model just for you when quantities are big enough.

another show room for sanitary ware in China

Products we help you to source

  • Basin
  • Ceramic Toilet/ WC
  • Faucet, Tap
  • Shower Set
  • Shower Room
  • Shower Screen
  • Bathtub
  • Mirror/ LED Mirror
  • Accessories, such as waste pop-ups and more
  • Towel Rails
  • Hooks
  • Vanity Cabinet
A nice bathroom

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