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SPC is an innovative multi functional flooring, that is nowadays used in many hotel and commercial buildings. Rigid core luxury vinyl flooring is another expressions that is often used as a synonym for SPC flooring. It is currently the most durable waterproof vinyl flooring option on the market. With an ultra-tough core, it lasts very long and has many great attributes, which we have listed below.

What does SPC stand for?

So what does SPC stand for? As it turns out, it stands for a couple of terms that are used interchangeably: stone plastic composite or stone polymer composite. It refers to the make-up of the core. The SPC core is what makes this flooring so incredibly durable, maintaining its form even over uneven subfloors.
SPC Flooring with IXPE layer on backside

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Have a look at our SPC flooring catalogue or find below more information about the characteristics of SPC flooring, in order to understand better where SPC flooring can be used and what the advantages of this new flooring material are.

SPC Flooring Catalogue

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SPC flooring is manufactures with multiple layers. On the bottom is an IXPE foam layer, and in the middle the SPC core. On top are then decorative layer, wear layer and functional layer, that give the flooring many of its good attributes. The wear layer also determines the quality level of the SPC flooring. While a wear layer of 0.5 mm is necessary for public buildings, shops or hotels, you can use a wear layer of 0.3 mm for your home.

1. Sound absorption due to IXPE Foam

The bottom layer of IXPE foam helps to absorb noise. Especially when the SPC flooring is installed over an existing subfloor. The installation over an existing subfloor is already the second advantage of SPC flooring.

2. Subfloor installation + easy set-up

You can install SPC rigid core luxury vinyl flooring on any level, over almost any existing (hard surface) subfloor and for any amount of traffic. This is especially a huge advantage when you just refurbish a space, such as a hotel room. It is not necessary to renew the entire floor – instead you can just install a layer of SPC flooring on top of the existing flooring. The installation is super easy due to a click design that let’s you put the tiles together like a puzzle.

3. Fire retardant

SPC flooring has a B1 fire rating, that is basically second only to stone. Thus, is it a perfect fit for public areas or smoker rooms.

4. Waterproof

The high polymer surface layer is 100% water proof and thus also prevents mildew. The surface layers makes it also easy to clean the flooring and it is much easier to maintain then wood.

5. Scratch resistant

The surface and wear layer are also super resistant to scratches and abrasion. In abrasion tests SPC flooring reaches a T level, thus it is super durable in any environment.

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