Buying Stainless Steel Handrails in China

Handrails are a part of almost all construction projects. Often railings are used on stairways, balconies, platforms or other balustrades. We at are specialized in procurement solutions for building projects, thus we helped our clients in many cases to procure stainless steel handrails. Most of the time modern handrails are glass railing systems made of a stainless steel frame.

How we work

We work in close collaboration with the architects and designer and set up shop drawings, finalize frame finishing/ surface finish, discuss materials and other details.

Our work

Contact us if you are planning to build glass balustrades, glass staircases or other stair railing or handrails on your project. We also do glass canopy constructions. All of our suppliers are located in Guangdong, verified, ISO9000 & ISO9001 certified and have proven to deliver top quality.

Some examples and impressions of handrail/ glass railing systems we have done in the past:

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