Buying Theatre And Cinema Chairs In China

In the past years we had many inquires about theatre chairs for cinemas, and we also successfully delivered quite some orders. Theatres and cinemas are in a constant need to keep their facilities up to date and refurnish every few years. This is expensive and a substantial investment for these companies. Thus, many companies try to reduce costs for their theatre seating by ordering directly from the manufacturer in China, instead of purchasing through a local retailer.

How we can help

We are dealing since years with commercial furniture, and thus also with theatre furniture. We maintain a wide network of specialized manufacturers, that offer top quality products. Considering that most theatre seats and cinema seating are anyway manufactured in China, it is a good approach to order them in China. While achieve cost savings, you can also choose fabrics, colours, and models from a very wide range, instead of being limited to the choices provided by your local retailer.

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