Hospitality Procurement Solutions – how we work

For hospitality businesses we offer a one-stop procurement solution that involves all steps from pricing to final delivery at project site. We are able to work with you based on your BOQ and specifications, sourcing sanitary ware, wall and floor finishes, furniture, and lights in China.


First we will review  specifications, BOQs and procurement schedules for your hotel or restaurant. Based on your information and requirements we will work out all prices. While pricing furniture, sanitary ware, lights and construction materials, we can also value engineer your specifications to bring down costs and work within your bedget. We are able to generate significant cost savings by ordering directly with the manufacturer and circumventing wholesalers, importers and other intermediates.

Approval of all Specifications

After we have finalized all costs and the budgeting with you, we will prepare specifications of all products for your review. For all sanitary ware, we will hand in cut sheets and specs sheets, that show all relevant information. For all FF&E, we will issue shop drawings that show sizes and materials. Besides, we will also send you samples of all finishes for your review. You can choose from our options and match finishes to your hotel colours. The approval processes can also include to install an entire mock-up room, or to issue 3D renderings before we go ahead with actual mockups.


Once all specifications are approved, we build mock-ups for final review. Mock-ups help you to visualize the final product, and we can make final changes if necessary. Especially in the hospitality industry matching interiors are essential, and mock-upsd give you the change to review the final design. Once mock-ups are also approved, we will go ahead with bulk production.

Advantages of sourcing your products directly in China

The biggest advantage to purchase your products directly in China instead ordering from a hospitality wholesaler is the tremendous degree of customization that is possible. We can manufacture furniture, lights and OS&E according to your design ideas and sizes. Further, we have the full control over the entire supply chain management. Thus, we control delivery timelines and with our in house QC, we check all products in detail to make sure you only receive the best quality. Beeing located in China gives us the chance to choose suppliers and manufacturers carefully. With our procurement/ purchasing software, you also will stay up to date on all procurement processes and get regular reports.

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