How Our Procurement Services For Hospitality Clients Works

As introduced in our Service Rage, we offer a Strategic Sourcing and Procurement services for restaurants, casinos, hotels, and the hospitality industry in general, coordinating specifications, procurement and shipping. With our experience in the field, combined with western management and local expertise, as well as our network of long-term partners, we could establish ourselves as a leading provider of FF&E procurement, and OS&E procurement to hotel owners and operators who are building or renovating.  

Hospitality organizations often encounter many challenges in the procurement process. We face a new and modern marketplace, which enables us to buy internationally from a wide range of suppliers, while the need for reliable cost-effective solutions is even more important. There are common procurement problems and the task of every procurement department is, to overcome and reduce risk in the process of purchasing products and services. We support you in this process, and actively reduce risk, while generating significant cost savings.

Efficient forecasting and planning 

We help you to gain control over internal and externally services, including Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Shipping and Purchase Order Systems (POS) and more. While offering a user-friendly interface with our project platform at, we are also in close personal contact with you to ensure flawless communication. We will greatly increase efficiency of documentation and order processing and created an environment that minimizes many of the other common problems, whether supplying a single hotel or hundreds. We consider at any given point your business needs and focus on a strategic partnership with you. We identify in collaboration with you demand, specifications and other requirements and create an intelligent and adjustable strategy for FF&E procurement, as well as real-time restocking and renewal schedules for OS&E.

The Problems

Poor demand planning in OS&E procurement is on of the common issues a hotel is facing. In a seasonal industry as hospitality, it is a very important challenges to balance how much of a good or service to buy and when to buy it. Quality issues are another issue that has to be taken serious. With customers demanding best quality goods and services, brands can’t risk running out of stock, or providing bad quality OS&E. In the end, you might end up spending more than you should to make sure customer service/ your prestige doesn’t take a hit. This is also directly bringing us to the 3rd point: pricing. To plan for demand while obtaining the best prices, you need to be able to identify how and when your company uses goods and services. Ordering ahead of time can save you a lot of money and stress.

The Solution

Involving a professional third party company (such as ProcureItDirect) in your hospitality procurement might help you to overcome challenges and problems. With our strategic location in China, we have access to many manufacturers, retailers and vendors in China, that are supplying top hospitality products to key players in the hospitality industry. Supply chain management for hospitality procurement has improved with operating systems that help to coordinate brand standards, vendor relationships, and other service providers.

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