Ordering Custom-Made Lights and Lamps in China

On construction and hospitality projects we procure a wide range of light fittings and lamps for our clients. While we offer thousands of lights in our catalogues, there is still always the demand for very special lamps, such as custom-made chandeliers, that need to be custom-made. We work with some highly qualified lighting workshops in China, that help us implement your design ideas and requirements to manufacture  authentic masterpieces. This article shows how we work to create your own custom-made lights and lamps. Further, you can find on our product page for lights, lamps and LED all kind of catalogues for standard lights that are ready to order.

What is the advantage of custom light fixtures?

The main advantage for hotel projects for example is, that interior architects can choose colours that match the remaining interiors, as well as customize sizes and add-ons, such as USB ports, switches or even additional power outlets – so that you receive the perfect fixture for your space. Also, chandeliers need to often fill a certain space, such as the hotel lobby, so that it might be difficult to get a light fixture from a catalogue. Thus, we can help you to procure high quality custom lighting that fits exactly in the space you need to fill. In most cases we see that architects and interior designer already have a very clear idea of what decorative lighting shall be used and often they have already specified models from European or North American brands. At this point we can basically imitate or copy these lights and lamps, while making adjustments according to your requirements. Due to the adjustments we are not breaking any international copy right, patent or intellectual property laws and add value to the lighting fixture, while even generating cost savings for you.

How our custom lighting services work

In the first step of the process we review your requirements, BOQ, or schedules of lighting fixtures and lamps. We will quote you all final prices, so that you have full transparency. We can also recommend you existing options, that are similar to you choices, in order to generate further cost savings. For all custom light fixtures and lamps we will then issue shop drawings that show all details, including materials, finishes, sizes and technical specifications. At the same time we will send you samples of all finishes and colours for approval. Once all details are approved, we will manufacture a mock-up to show the finished light. If any last changes need to be made, we can still implement these at this point. When you are fully happy with the result, we will go ahead into bulk production. The average lead time to get your custom lighting designs implemented is around 2 months: One month for issuing drawings, and the whole approval process, and one month for bulk production.

Step 1

Send us your BOQ, or specifications. You can also just send us a picture as reference and your wishes, such as materials, colours, and size. Also tell us if you want a USB outlet, what kind of switch or installation.

Step 2

Based on your information, we will issue shop drawings with all specifications. We will also propose materials and revise all specifications and drawings, until you are fully satisfied.

Step 3

We will send you all finishes and materials so you can review them in detail and check whether they coordinate well. If needed we can also hand in different options, so you can directly choose.

Step 4

When we have confirmed all details, we will manufacture a mock-up. We can either send this mock-up to you for approval or send you images and videos, plus mock-up report, so you can review all details.

If you are fully happy with all details, we will initiate bulk production.

What lighting products can be custom-made?

Since almost all lights and lamps worldwide are being manufactured at the moment in China, there is for every light a Chinese manufacturer, who can manufacture it. Thus, there are almost no limits for what can be custom-made. We manufactured a great diversity of project lights, such as lanterns, pendant lighting, floor lamps, table lamps and chandeliers. You can choose materials, from wood, to concrete, over to stainless steel and glass.

Private label products

While we mostly work with project lamps, for building projects and hotels, we also work with design brands in Europe to manufacture private label products, that are rather being used in residential space, such as living rooms and dining rooms. While you can focus on the lighting design, we are taking care of manufacturing and quality control.

Lights and lamps we do

If you rather want to achieve greater cost savings, instead of getting custom fixtures manufactured, you can take a look at our catalogues and perhaps find your perfect choice there. We are also happy to act as your lighting consultant in China, leading your buying trip in Zhongshan, visiting show rooms and finding the best lighting manufacturer for your collection.

Interested in working with us? Then simply write us an email or fill in the Request For Quotation form.

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