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Lighting solutions, custom-made hospitality lights, as well as LED panels and other light fittings are at the heart of our business. While offering over 3000 lights and lamps in our current catalogues, we also develop with our clients, tailor-made lights and lamps that are manufactured just for you and according to your design and specification. While it can make sense to save additional few bucks and choose your lights from our catalogues, in some cases the interior design of your project is the priority. In that case we are happy to work with your interior designers and manufacture lights according to their design ideas. We will issue shop drawings, hand in finishes and material samples for approval and build mock-ups, so you can be truly be sure you are getting what has been designed. This way you can add USB ports to your lights where needed, integrate a switch panel, or have special light solutions for public areas tailor-made.

China is today the main manufacturing hub for lights. But sourcing lights in China can be rather difficult, if you have to procure a wide range of different lights and lamps. Most Chinese light manufacturers are specialized in one kind of light, so that it becomes nescessary to coordinate a multitude of suppliers. Further it is important to keep in mind that not all Chinese lights are high quality – thus it is important to varify Chinese lighting manufacturers. We work with our internal database of established and qualified manufacturers of lights in China, so that we can assure to deliver only the best Chinese lights.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are part of most guest rooms. There are millions of designs and set-ups. We help you to manufacture custom-made lights in China, according to your design ideas and requirements.

Besides tailor-made lights we also offer standard models. In our catalogue every interior designer can find some suitable options.


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Wall Lights

There are reading lights and other wall lights that give our room a special touch.Wall lights are often used next to the bed, in the bathroom in form of vanity lights or in public areas, such as a corridor. We manufacture custom-made wall lights for our clients.

Nevertheless, sometimes it can be easier and cheaper to buy standard models, instead of going through the long process of setting up tailor-made models. For these situations we have a catalogue with wall lights.


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Floor Lights

Floor lights and lamps are an essential part of the guest room design. We help you to manufacture custom floor lights, according to your design ideas and requirements.

If you just want to get some idea, take a look at our catalogue.


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Table Lights

And we also have table lights. Contact us if you need custom-made table lights or take a look at our catalogue.

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FAQ: Lights in China & China lighting solutions
How do you work for manufacturing custom lights?

On most hospitality projects we colaborating closely with the interior designers and manufacture custom-made lights and lamps according to design ideas and technical requirements. In a seperate article we explain all the steps we take to accomplish a perfect result.

Is there a China lighting directory?

If you wish to make yourself an overview of qualified light suppliers in China, we recommend the HKTDC Hong Kong International Lighting Fair. On the website you can also find a list of exhibitors, that can be used as a China lighting directory.

Can I order low quantities of lights in China?

Absolutely – most people still have the idea in mind that importing lights from China only works when ordering large quantities. But nowadays you can also order small quantities. With most of our contract ligthing suppliers in China we don’t have any MOQ. We can also help you to consolidate all lights and lamps into one container.

How to import lights from China?

There are some useful guides out there on the internet. But most important is that you find a suitable supplier for your product range. You find plenty of Chinese light manufacturers on Alibaba – but make sure to check the quality and do a QC for your first order.

Why should I order my lights and lamps in China?

Since China is manufacturing most of the worldwide sold lights and lamps, you will have a huge variaty of lights to choose from. Further it is much cheaper to purchase lights, LED and lamps directly from the light manufacturer in China, than buying from a local distributor. You can achieve great cost savings by choosing China lamps, while making no compromise on quality.

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