Quality Management in China: Quality Control and Quality Assurance

China has become the leading manufacturing powerhouse and sourcing destination for retailers and brands across the world. While the term ‘made in China’ was previously synonymously used with poor-quality products, it is now considered a cost-effective method by businesses and retailers worldwide. However, an effective quality control strategy still remains the priority for businesses that procure products from China.

According to a report from the global product inspection, the rate of AQL failure in China is about 30%, which means one in every three products imported from China either doesn’t match customer regulations or is defective. Hence, it is essential for businesses to minimize the poor product quality issues while sourcing products from China by complying with quality control best practices.

What is Quality Control?

Quality control is a set of procedures that a business implements in the product manufacturing process to ensure that the quality of the product is maintained or improved. Quality control ensures that the manufactured product adheres to the quality criteria or meets the customer requirements. This can be achieved by testing a sample of manufactured products against specifications. The quality of products manufactured in China can be monitored through lab testing, product inspections, and auditing to ensure that they comply with international standards.

What is Quality Assurance?

Quality assurance, on the other hand, is the process of reducing or eliminating quality failures during manufacturing. Both quality control and quality assurance are often used interchangeably, but they are two different aspects of quality management. Quality assurance is focused on providing assurance that the manufactured products will fulfill the quality requirements and comply with them. On the contrary, quality control is checking the products physically for quality and discarding products of inferior quality.

Why Quality Control and Quality Assurance are Essential?

When sourcing products from China, it is essential for businesses to ensure quality control and quality assurance for the following reason:

Ensuring products adhere to quality standards: A combination of quality control and quality assurance will impact the product quality positively and comply with the required standards.

Minimizing product variations: During the product manufacturing process, variations may occur. With QC and QA in place, you can easily understand the reason behind these variations in production and add measures to eliminate the cause of variations during production.

Reduces losses: With quality control in place, you can reduce the number of defective products you receive that may not be sellable. The more defective products you receive, the higher your losses will be.

Increases your sales margins: Quality control inspections also help in cutting down the chances of receiving low-quality or damaged products that businesses may have to sell at discounted prices or may not sell at all.

Better customer retention: Based on the quality of the products, you can target customer groups that are expecting a higher product quality from you. If the product quality is low, you may lose your customer base even when you sell the product at a lower price.

Better customer satisfaction rate: With better product quality through QC, you assure your customers that you are upholding the quality standards for the product. Providing some quality certification or accreditations can help increase the customer satisfaction level, and your customers may continue to do business with you for longer. They stay loyal to your business till you provide them with the quality they expect from the product.

Who can help with Quality Controls in China?

1.     Manufacturers

The first option is to ask the manufacturer to do a quality inspection and send the report to you before sending the order. This procedure can be a cost-effective option. However, most manufacturers would be more concerned about their business interests instead of assuring product quality. They might have different standards for quality control, which might not be in your favor. Their main focus might be to manufacture and deliver products as quickly to you as possible without giving a close eye on the quality standards.

2.     Sourcing or Trading Partner

You can also opt to hire a sourcing partner located in China. The partner will not only help you source products from genuine manufacturers in China but will also help in assuring quality control and quality assurance. Sourcing partners work on commissions and would work their best to retain you as a customer for a long time. Hence, they can provide you with an unbiased product inspection report before the order is ready to be shipped. Moreover, they also have good business relations with several manufacturers, and you can leverage that for the benefit of your business.

3.     Third-Party Quality Control and Inspection Service providers

You can find reputed third-party quality inspection providers in China and ask them to perform product inspections to ensure that the products you receive meet the expected quality standards. These third-party inspection providers can provide unbiased services as they don’t work for the manufacturers. You can work with them and explain to them your quality specifications so they can inspect the products efficiently.

4.     Self-Inspection

While this may be difficult, self-inspection is the most reliable option you get when you want to ensure the product quality adheres to your expectations. Self-inspection will involve high costs like travel, accommodation, and training expenses will add up to product import costs.

Quality assurance is something a business can never take for granted, especially when sourcing products from other countries. Looking for Quality control and Quality assurance while sourcing products from China? Visit our website by clicking here to know how we can help you ensure better product quality when you source products from China.

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