Sourcing Building Materials In China

Why should you source your building materials in China?

China is a large country with a diverse workforce that ensures several products and building materials can easily be sourced at affordable rates. Importing building materials from China comes with several benefits’ dependent on your personal or business needs.

Often in China, certain cities and regions are famous for a certain product type. For example is Zhongshan often referred to the capital of lights, and you will find indeed millions of light show rooms and manufacturers. Foshan on the other side is famous for its tiles and sanitary ware. These 2 examples show that Guangdong province is the place to be when sourcing building materials.

Because of our strategic location in the Pearl River Delta, we organize purchasing and approval trips with architects and clients to our suppliers. While visiting the factories, we can also directly choose finishes, materials and components, which fastens the overall approval process dramatically. Furthermore, we are able to directly visit different physical building material market places and choose from a wide variety. On our product page about building materials you can find out more about all construction materials we procure.


The building material wholesale marketplaces offer unbeatable value for money in terms of quality, varieties, and affordability. Businesses, architects and individuals are open to visit these markets and choose directly at the showrooms. While some products are just available in a standard version, others are customizable as well. We recommend visiting markets for tiles, fabrics (for drapery/ curtains, but also furniture), but also light fittings, and sanitary ware.

Sourcing on your behalf

Of course, you don’t need to come to China to source building products. We help you to source construction materials completely remotely, by taking full responsibility of the whole procurement process. We will match and short-list suppliers, set up the orders, and take care of quality control, as well as order consolidation and shipping. In this way you can fully focus on your operation while we handle your supply chain in China.

Construction material and building products we source

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And here some questions we are frequently asked:

What is the lead time for ordering building material? The production lead time is mostly around 30 to 45 days.

What is the Minimum Order Quantity? MOQ’s really depend on the requirements you have and product categories. In general, you can remember: The less quantity, the less flexible in charging product attributes. This means when the quantities are low, it is rather difficult to customize a colour tone of tiles, or similar. On the other side, when quantities are high enough, you could basically customize everything.

How to choose quality products? We will review certifications and accreditations of the manufacturer to get a first impression of its abilities. Further we will to quality inspections. Besides, this we have a big database of contract suppliers, which are proven to be qualified.

Can we buy raw material? Surely, we can also help you to source raw materials in China. Just consider, that for raw materials it might only become cost effective when purchasing huge quantities. So make sure to compare prices to local distributors.

How to evaluate product safety? For product safety tests, such as testing on fire retardants, flammability, impact resistance, etc., we normally involve a third party testing lab. This could be SGS or TÜV, which then also issue an official report. The compliance reports can be shown to building inspectors, local authorities etc.


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