Sourcing PVC Skirting, Crown Moulding or Panelling in China

On most building projects skirting and crown mouldings are required. PVC skirting and moulding is a great decorative material that has many advantages. Also, UPVC panels can be a great choice for outdoor wall panelling or ceilings. In this article we want to show that PVC in form of skirting board or panels can be a great alternative to traditional alternatives.

Materials of modern decorative materials have changed with innovative made in the past years. Instead of using tiles as skirting, or solid wood as crown moulding, PVC has many advantages that often make it to a better fit. Here some characteristics and advantages of PVC:

PVC Crown Moulding and Skirting

PVC Skirting helps to keep corners clean – especially in bathrooms it is draining dirt and water to the floor. Another important function is to protect the sandwich panel wall from hits made by handling goods. Further, is protects the wall when mopping the floor and cleaning. Thus, skirting is being used in all commercial buildings and mostly also in residential ones. Crown Moulding on the other hand is mostly used for an aesthetic purpose. Here PVC as material that is commonly used because of its attributes. PVC skirting and moulding are made of PVC foam, which is super durable and doesn’t require a lot of care. This makes it to a perfect material for these purposes.

PVC Panels

PVC Panels are often used as ceiling cladding in offices and other commercial areas. They are cheaper than aluminium ceiling, easy to install and very durable. Due to its resistance to water, PVC panels are also suitable for bathroom, pool areas or others rooms with a high humidity. Further, WPC panels can be used outdoor, because it’s UV-resistant, while it can imitate natural materials such as wood. But the real value lies in its simple installation. Like a click flooring system, the panels can be applied on an existing wall, without much effort. These wall cladding systems don’t require glue or mounting brackets and everything is set up within a short time. Thus, these panelling and wall systems are perfect for utility areas, workshops, refurbishments and showrooms/ retail stores.

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